“Now we’ve got the notion of a machine with an underspecified goal, the system that evolves. This is a new notion, nothing like the notion of machines that was current in the Industrial Revolution, absolutely nothing like it.” Quoting the words of cyberneticians Gordon Pask, the aim of  Cybernetic Machines workshop is the design and … Continue reading


The aim of the workshop is the exploration of 3-D modeling techniques in Grasshopper and the generation of “soft skin” building envelopes. Soft skins are systems characterized by the capability of defining their morphology in relationship to a series of environmental inputs. The workshop will start with the generation of 3-dimensional envelopes that will become … Continue reading


This workshop, particularly suitable for beginner/intermediate users, offers a playful introduction to algorithmic and computational design with Grasshopper. The ambition is to generate 3 dimensional artificial landscapes based on the recognition of natural pattern formations (valleys, mountains, dunes, marshes, coral reefs, etc.), their subdivision in territories of occupation and the development of related path systems. … Continue reading


This workshop, particularly suitable for applicants with a preliminary knowledge of grasshopper, offers the opportunity to engage with advanced modelling techniques with main focus on meshes. The aim of the workshop is the creation of continuous spaces defined by gradual morphological variation rather than linear boundaries. The workshop will start with the generation of a series of … Continue reading

– workshops can run every other week in a self-organized workshop calendar. please use this link to add your name and email in the week you prefer (your email will then be cancelled by ecoLogicstudio’s team due to privacy reasons). As soon as a workshop reaches the number of 6 applicants, you will be contacted via email … Continue reading