This workshop, particularly suitable for applicants with a preliminary knowledge of grasshopper, offers the opportunity to engage with advanced modelling techniques with main focus on meshes.

The aim of the workshop is the creation of continuous spaces defined by gradual morphological variation rather than linear boundaries. The workshop will start with the generation of a series of 2-dimensional virtual patterns off occupancy within a defined space. These patterns will be generated through the use of associative systems of relationship embedded in the space. As a second step the participants will learn how to use gradient fields [maps, highfields, attractor points…] to create 3-dimensional continuous differentiations in the virtual pattern previously generated. The combinatorial effects of intensive differences [gradients] and extensive articulation [virtual pattern] will lead to the creation of a series of morphological variations [foldings, extrusions, pleats…] that will be explored through the use of meshes and related grasshopper plugins such as Weaverbird and MeshEdit.

Design Parameters:

–virtual pattern of occupancy
–gradients of intensive differences
–morphological variations

Special features:

–differentiation through highfields and maps
–attractor logics
–mesh modeling and editing [Weaverbird; MeshEdit]

evening 1

–generation of a system of relationship embedded within the space
–patterns of occupancy
–evaluation of the different patterns

evening 2

–intensive differentiation
–highfields and maps used as gradient fields
–attractor logics

evening 3

–creation of continuous systems
–meshing and smoothing through the use of GH plugins
–mesh editing and further differentiations

final one-day workshop

–application of the techniques to personal projects
–extraction of 2D maps and generative diagrams
–extraction of 3D models and rendering
–final presentation

The fee for the workshop is 225£+VAT per student

The workshop will take place  at ecoLogicStudio office (6 Westgate street, e83rn London)

To book a place  add your name and email address in our workshop calendar. as soon as we reach the number of 6 participants, you will be contacted via email by ecoLogicStudio’s team for a confirmation.

For any enquiry please email:

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