The aim of the workshop is the exploration of 3-D modeling techniques in Grasshopper and the generation of “soft skin” building envelopes. Soft skins are systems characterized by the capability of defining their morphology in relationship to a series of environmental inputs. The workshop will start with the generation of 3-dimensional envelopes that will become the playground for the following explorations, where a series of different skins will be tested on the envelopes. External inputs [proximity, orientation and solar radiation] will affect the shape of each single component and, as a consequence, the overall morphology of the system. The behaviour of these skins will be explored through the creation of catalogues of variation in the single components and through the production of short animations. 3-dimensional models will be eventually exported in Rhino and rendered for the final presentation.

Design Parameters:

–parametric modeling of 3-dimensional envelopes
–design of soft/adaptable components
–differentiation through gradients of environmental intensities

Special Features:

–connection with GH plugins for solar analysis
–data mining and color coding [and export to illustrator]
–extraction of video animation

evening 1

–creation of a system of relationship embedded within the space [paths and proximity]
–generation of a 3D structure [mesh] based on these relationships
–definition of dimensions and resolution of the external skin

evening 2

–proliferation of “soft components” on the skin of the structure
–introduction of external parameters [attractors] to modify the soft skin
–production of a catalogue of variation through different components

evening 3

–introduction of environmental parameters [sun direction] to modify the soft skin
–color coding and data mining related to attractors proximity and sun intensity on the structure
–iteration through the steps and production of short animations movies

final one-day workshop

–extraction of maps and generative diagrams
–extraction of 3D models and rendering
–preparation output materials
–final presentation

The fee for the workshop is 225£+VAT per student

The workshop will take place at ecoLogicStudio office (6 Westgate street, e83rn London)

To book a place add your name and email address in our workshop calendar. as soon as we reach the number of 6 participants, you will be contacted via email by ecoLogicStudio’s team for a confirmation.

For any enquiry please email: algorithmic@ecologicstudio.com


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