“Now we’ve got the notion of a machine with an underspecified goal, the system that evolves. This is a new notion, nothing like the notion of machines that was current in the Industrial Revolution, absolutely nothing like it.”
Quoting the words of cyberneticians Gordon Pask, the aim of  Cybernetic Machines workshop is the design and exploration of systems that evolve in time, through the use of Grasshopper and Arduino.
Each participant will be supported in building a Cybernetic Machine, working on its physical interface [sensors and wiring],  designing its digital counterpart [Grasshopper diagramming] and programming its behaviour [tracing of information].  Bred with information recorded by the sensors, the system will eventually be able to evolve its own behaviour processing the data received through series of feedback loops and will generate novel and undetermined responses to external stimuli.

Design Parameters:

–design of physical/digital interfaces
–parametric definition of a series of behaviours
–evolution of novel and undetermined responses to external stimuli

Special Features:

–connection of GH and Ardunio board [via Firefly plugin]
–management of flows of information and feedback loops
–extraction of video animation

evening 1

–hardware and software introduction [Arduino + GH + Firefly]
–understanding sensing and sensors behaviour
–sensing the environment and its fields of intensity

evening 2

–design and construction of physical interfaces with embedded sensitivity
–testing and tuning the sensitivity of physical interfaces
–connecting the physical and the digital, processing data from Arduino to Grasshopper

evening 3

–design the behaviour of digital interfaces using Grasshopper
–testing and tuning the system, managing flows of information and feedback loops
–evolving the behaviour of the cybernetic machines (ex. novelty vs boredom)

final one-day workshop

–evolution of different behaviours and evaluation of the results
–extraction of animations and diagrams
–preparation output materials
–final presentation

The fee for the workshop is 250£+VAT per student.

ecoLogicStudio will provide the applicants with all the hardware required. At the end of the workshop each applicant will be allowed to take his Cybernetic Machine with him with the exception of the Arduino board and servo motors.

The workshop will take place at ecoLogicStudio office (6 Westgate street, e83rn London)

Participants will need to provide their own laptops with Rhinoceros [Service Release 8 at least] installed; an evaluation version of the software can be found at

To book a place add your name and email address in our workshop calendar. as soon as we reach the number of 6 participants, you will be contacted via email by ecoLogicStudio’s team for a confirmation.

For any enquiry please email:

  1. helenvs says:

    Reblogged this on Digital Memento and commented:
    The workshop is very much in the lines of my interest and I thought it would be beneficial to repost it here on my blog. Hopefully some may find the information as attractive (as I do !) and participate on it.

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