Grasshopper Code:

a collection of scripts to get started with Algorithmic Design

Image Sampler _ a Grasshopper definition to extract and process information from images

Reading List:

a few suggestion from our bookshelves

Systemic Architecture – Operating Manual for the Self-Organizing City by Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto _ Routledge

Atlas of Novel Tectonics by Reiser+Umemoto _ Princeton Architectural Press

A thousand years of nonlinear history by Manuel De Landa _ Swerve

Deleuze&Guattari for Architects by Andrew Ballantyne _ Routledge

The three ecologies by Felix Guattari _ Routledge

Walkscapes: walking as an aesthethic practice by Francesco Careri _ GG

Le jardin planétaire – Il giardiniere planetario by Gilles Clement _ 22publishing

Weak and Diffuse Modernity by Andrea Branzi _ Skira

Occupying and Connecting by Frei Otto _ Menges

The World Dubai Marine Life incubators by INTER10 _ ecoLogicStudio Publishing

The Architectural Relevance of Gordon Pask by Usman Haque, in 4d Social – Interactive Design Environments _ AD


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